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Apple Iphone12

The Iphone12 (iPhone 12) has arrived, and many people are sitting on the edge of the cell. Pre-orders of iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 in India will start from October 23. This time Apple has made a lot of changes to its lineup, including 5G connectivity, better processor, better display and new design. But the iPhone 11 is still a great deal, especially when it is being sold in Amazon cell for under Rs 50,000. Amazon itself has told that on the very first day of its Great Indian Festival Sale, so many iPhones sold 11, which were not sold on the entire sale of last year. And the first day of this sale was only for Prime Customer of Amazon. In our view, the iPhone 11 is a better deal than the new iPhone 12.And it has seven regions, not one or two. Let us explainIPS in the design of iPhone 12?The new iPhone has come with a new design, which is not so new. This form factor is the same as the iPhone 4. But the problem here is not of old design. For years, everyone was bored seeing the same design of the iPhone, so the new avatar is also looking fresh and it is very easy to see. But the problem here is that how this box-style design will feel in the hand.The iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 were small devices, so their boxy style was comfortable in hand. The iPhone 12 Mini may not cause any problems, but using the standard iPhone 12 model may cause sharp corner problems. We get so many phones with round corners that they are easy to hold and give a slim feel. But the box-style is not ergonomic in any sense.It may be that the iPhone has inserted something in the design element that the phone does not feel awkward when it comes in hand, but right now the corner seems to be stinging in the hand.

Iphone 11 battery is larger than 12

Apple never reveals the capacity of the iPhone’s battery at its launch event. It only mentions how many hours it will run. However, the battery capacity is detected lately, which is always about half the capacity of the Android phone running at that time. This time Apple has described the charging backup time of the iPhone 12 and the charging time as the iPhone 11. But the battery of the new iPhone is less than the iPhone 11.According to the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency Anatel, the iPhone 12 has a 2,815 mAh battery while the iPhone 11 has a 3,110 mAh battery. If you talk about the battery of iPhone 12 Mini, then it is only 2,227 mAh. Apple’s iPhone 12 battery backup claims are probably due to the performance of the A14 chip and the OLED panel. But the same thing is still the same, the battery of iPhone 11 is bigger than that of iPhone 12.

Same camera in iPhone 11 and 12

The camera is the same in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Both phones have a 12 MP primary lens on the back, and another 12 MP ultraviolet-angle lens. The front camera is also a 12 MP selfie shooter of both phones. Some features are extras in the iPhone 12, but they are not so big that the camera of the iPhone 11 starts to look useless in front of it.The camera on the iPhone 12 supports HDR3 and all lenses can click the picture in night mode. As for video recording, Dolby Vision HDR recording and night mode time lapse video recording features have been added to the iPhone 12. Everything else is the same as the iPhone 11.

A13 chip still has a lot of life

The A14 bionic chip installed on the Apple iPhone 12 is undoubtedly the fastest mobile chip in the world, but do you know which is the second fastest chip? Apple’s last year’s A13 bionic chip, which came in the iPhone 11.Apple itself boasted about this at the launch event of this time. The most powerful chip in Android phone at this time is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which is far behind Apple’s A13 chip. So even if the iPhone 11 is behind the iPhone 12 in performance, it is ahead of the rest, and this is enough.

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