How to download Pubg in IOS after ban in India-sabkuchyahin

pubg on iphone

How to download Pubg in IOS after ban in India ?

Recently our government has banned the Pubg.Which makes the game lovers having trouble playing Pubg.So i am going to tell you here how we can download and play Pubg despite being banned in India.

  • First you open the App store.
  • After that go to your Apple id,then after going to Apple id.

  • Go to country\region,then if you ask for your country location with Apple store
  • Then you have to enter the location of another country and as soon a you change the country location,all applicatios come in the app store which was banned in India.
  • Now after this,you go to it setting and put the location of other country and fill all the options completely,then all the ban applications will automatically come to your app store,along with Pubg will also come tiktok.

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