How to Record Zoom Meeting on Android Without Host Permission


In this blog, I will tell you How to Record Zoom Meeting on Android Without Host Permission As an Participant. That means how to record a zoom meeting even if you are not host of the meeting.

Well, lets the host and participants of a meeting record the session from the desktop app. The option to record a meeting is present within the meeting screen at the right of the Chat. And, both the participants and hosts can record the meeting based on the settings. But there are Zoom meetings wherein the host can restrict the recording of meetings. In that case, the participants cannot record the meeting. However, there is a workaround to record Zoom meetings without the permission of the host on Android as detailed below.

Follow the Steps To Record Zoom Meeting on Android as a Participant

First, we will need new software installed on our Phone. So go to Google play.

On the search type, Mobizen.

1) Install This app.
2) Now, let’s open the app.
3) Tap on welcome.
4) The app will make some adjustments.
5) I will not need the one free month trial.

Now You have a short tutorial on how mobizen works.

6) Tap agree, Now tap on the circle.
7) And now tap record.
8) Tap all dialogs allow.
9)Now tap start.

Click Here To Download Mobizen App
Click Here To Download Zoom App

Please note is very important that you start the record before you open the zoom app. If you start the record after you start the zoom app, this will not work correctly, Now open zoom app. Tap Join Meeting. Write the id of the meeting and password. Now on the meeting is important to Tap on Join Audio and then Call via Device Audio.
Currently, you are recording with audio. Please note that all that you say will also record. Even if the persons do not hear you, all the sound you do in the home will be heard on the record… so please be careful. After that, just simply finish the record.

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